This was the pumpkin Foos carved with her father.  It didn’t last long. They did a bad job of removing the guts and seeds, and after a couple of days on our stoop, tiny enterprising flies made a home of it.  When I finally decided it was time to get rid of it, I consulted with Foos and she, alarmed by so many little flies, just looked at me and said yes, momma, go ahead.  When I picked up the pumpkin its flesh was soft and warm from sitting in the sun. The flies, not happy i had trespassed, crawled on the flesh of my hands, and became the sound in my ears.  I felt guilty, but I tossed it in my trash can. Just like everything else was or will be, it was gone, but at least I have this picture.

Happy Halloween!

Photo: Seth


Ruth Bader Ghostburg

Ruth Bader Ghostburg.

I’ve written here before about my daughter’s obsession with all things Ruth Bader Ginsburg; she has made up a song about her, has her photo hanging on her wall. It’s only natural she would would choose to be her for halloween, well the future ghost of RBG to be precise.  We are borrowing a Darth Vader mask from a friend, in case she wants to combine her two loves into one costume – Darth Bader Ginsburg – on halloween night. This is her favorite time of year, and we always have a lot of fun dressing up.  Here, for your viewing pleasure are some of the ridiculous things/awesome people she has been over the years.


Frida Kahlo & a Hobbit


A juice box


Edgar Allan Poe


Last but not least, Freddie Mercury!

Happy Halloween ❤






Another great collaboration between the super talented Alexandra Ni and Seth!  The clothes she designs are so dreamy (looking at you coat in second photo! They make me wish my sewing skills were up to par so I could take on projects like this for myself.  I think I’m going to make that a new goal for the rest of this year –  get a coat pattern I like and make my own.  Putting things out there usually helps me follow through.

Photos: Seth