Here we are baking this tres leches cake.


These croissants take three days to complete, are a pain, but are totally worth it! They look burnt, but they are not, ha!


These cookies are from this book, which I borrowed from the library and don’t want to return (but I will!).

For a small family we do a lot of baking!  Foos enjoys helping, I find it therapeutic, and Seth complains about the calories but always eats the stuff.   We also pawn off a lot of baked goods on our neighbors, who are only too grateful to get them out of our hands.

Mr. Charlie lives downstairs alone, save for his bible, visiting birds, and his radio.  He always takes the stuff and offers to give me money for the ingredients, which I politely laugh at. Sometimes I wonder what he would do if I said yes, give me your money for the three tablespoons of butter, half a cup of flour, and two ounces of milk I used in the cookies I voluntarily gave to you.  I like to think he would laugh, but he is an old man who keeps his word, and I know he would go into his tiny apartment and fish out whatever amount I asked for. I too, use this method to mitigate my guilt over the kindness of others, so I understand.  Sometimes he leaves bags of caramel flavored marshmallows on our stoop for Foos. The sickly sweet smell of the bag full of half-melted marshmallows fills my pantry for days. The other day I went down to give him fig cakes and he answered his door without his teeth in.  I felt like I had seen him naked.   I often wonder about his life, his old man bruises; the people who wear their drug use and hard lives on their faces who visit him for kind words and for guidance.  He has bad knees, yet he rides his bicycle everywhere.  He has a green thumb.  I like Mr. Charlie.


Top Photos: Seth