Yesterday I was in my kitchen cave, listening to Radiolab and making dinner, when I felt a tiny tap on my back.  When I turned around, my Foos was standing there, holding up this piece of paper and beaming at me. I got all verklempt, fell to my knees, and gave her the biggest squeeze. People say a lot of cheesy shit about their children, most of which feels obligatory, but this girl, you guys, makes me feel like the luckiest mom in the Virgo Supercluster.







I asked Seth to take some photos of Foos, I needed them for her birthday invitation, I said. He took these in like two minutes, and I am in love. I remember when she was a newborn wondering what she would really look like when she was no longer a baby blob, what her voice would sound like, what her teeth would look like.  I have been staring at these photos for a long time, there she is, a person.  She doesn’t need me as much; she closes the door when she wants privacy; she reads and writes on her own. She doesn’t even let me paint her nails –  she can do it on her own, thank you very much.

She is a dreamboat feminist, book loving, queen of words. She makes throw-up sounds whenever she sees a Donald Trump sign and wears a Ruth Bader Ginsburg pin on her jean jacket like a badge of bad-assery.  I’ve caught her belting out Sleater-Kinney in the car and Nina Simone in her “garden.” The other day, I overheard her ask her dad if he would watch “The Farts Awaken” with her (The Force Awakens), and I could not stop laughing. She wants to pet every cat, kiss every dog, rescue every stranded worm. She is a fantastic little person, and sometimes I can’t believe I get to be her mother.  Her 5th birthday signals a lot of changes; she will be in school most of the day in the fall, and after five years as a stay at home, no social life/money having mom, I have to get a job.  I am super nervous for both of us (my resume is so sad), but I am so grateful I spent that time with her.




Foos & Me // Freelensed

We had a great weekend! Sleepovers, good weather, the springs!  Happy our home is one the kids & their friends like to spend time in, and grateful I get to spend my days with these people. These are things I need to better at remembering.

Photos: Seth