carmen beckmann ring

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Interrupting my regular posts about books/cute kid/depression/dogs/mild adventures to announce that I am selling something special I’ve held on to for a long time, and no, it isn’t my dignity (long gone), it’s this ring.  And you can buy it!  This ring was made by renown silversmith Carmen Beckmann, whose studio was active during the 60s and 70s in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. There are a few Beckmann pieces floating around out there, but I have never, ever seen another Beckmann poison ring in this setting (or one as cool as this selling this cheaply).  Her pieces are collector’s items, and this ring is no exception.  Google her/her stuff, super cool, right? even if you don’t buy my ring. This ring is a size 8 (I have fat fingers) but can be resized by a jeweler.  I enjoy the uncleaned silver look, but you can easily clean it up.  The stone is Amethyst.

Have a good weekend, guys!




Looking my age.

Recently I was walking with a friend and a woman stopped us to ask where I had gotten the skirt I was wearing. I was almost embarrassed as I replied “twelve years ago at a goodwill in Atlanta, Georgia.”  The woman seemed disappointed, and my friend seemed a little surprised.   When I really thought about it the same was true for most of the stuff in my closet. Most of my things were purchased eons ago, when I was in college.  I  don’t shop for myself anymore, mostly because I don’t have extra money for clothes.  When I do have a little extra cash, I spend those pennies on my spawn instead (as it should be).  I went home, complained about it a little to my partner, looked in my closet, realized I didn’t wear most of the stuff in there anyway, and purged.  It felt really good.  I swear the universe has ears, because the day after I purged, I was given some super awesome clothes, from not one, or two, but three different friends. This includes the skirt I am wearing in this photo, a new vintage fave that reminds me so much of Alexander Girard’s art. Long live friends!

Photo: Seth