My favorite hidey hole at home is the kitchen.  Seriously. No one else goes in there, unless it’s to ask me for something, ha!  I have speakers on top of the fridge and I plug in my phone and listen to my podcasts while I cook, or rummage, or lament.  I have a rotation- Radiolab, This American Life, Reply All, Freakonomics, and the like. Though lately I have been mostly listening to Revolutions.  If you are a history nerd or like a really good story I strongly encourage you to give it a listen! You’ll love me forever if you do. If you find the scone I devoured right after those photos were taken delicious looking, it is this recipe from The Merchant Baker.  I always double the sugar and sub the fruit to whatever I have on hand, though the recipe is perfect as is.  Here’s hoping all of you have a similar space in your lives.






Foos admiring a terrarium by my personal succulent whisperer, Stephanie, of Sunshine Succulents.  Can you spot the Bigfoot hanging out in there? Unfortunately these will not stay with me forever, they are center pieces for her upcoming wedding. Our apartment is basically a box with a million widows = we make good foster parents for her succulent babies. These terrariums test my impulse to want to water the shit out of all of my plants daily, so having them around is almost meditative. Plans to go see Kubo and the Two Strings were aborted, so I’m off to making calzones with pizza dough well past its sell by date, and to bake the obligatory pumpkin muffins, because, autumn (these!).