Foos & a Rothko.


Foos marveling at Minerva Visiting the Muses on Mount Parnassus by Claude Lorrain.

Both of these were taken at the Cummer Museum, by Seth.  Happy Weekend!




woodland nymph

woodland nymph2


Dreamy shots of local aerialists.  I’m about as graceful as a sloth, but they make this look so easy, I want to do it.  Happy Weekend!

Photos: super Seth.


This weekend we piled everyone in the car, including the dog, and drove south to Sarasota, to see Grandma, Pepaw, and the gulf.  Seth and I snuck away for a date to the Selby Botanical Gardens, which were excellent and merit a second visit. The kids spent most of the time at the pool, where any trace of Foos’ paternal wasp roots were overcome by a conspiracy between the sun and her mother’s caribbean melanin. I loved it.  We took a backwoods way back home, which made me nervous.  For reasons I cannot explain, I feel ill at ease in America’s open spaces.  The barns and depressed towns don’t conjure up any feeling of nostalgia or even beauty, only of  mild panic and fear. Seeing a Trump sign for the first time displayed proudly on somebody’s lawn, didn’t make it any better. It may as well have said “I hate gays, women, and people of color.”  But we made it back to our nest safely, and I’m sure the only memories which will remain of the visit are of family and love.



Photos: Seth





April’s art is my favorite art.  These are just a few of the many, many drawings she has sent me in the decade we have known and written to each other.  The first one concerns the death of Nico, who died after suffering a heart attack while riding her bicycle.  The second is a portrait of me in college. The third she sent a few weeks short of me birthing Foos, drawn shortly before she left for Afghanistan. She is the coolest, weirdest bean and I would give a sliver of the moon just to know what is going on in her marvelous brain.  I hope she keeps drawing forever.  Happy friday!



Seth’s birthday was this week! it was a nice quiet day spent with the kids and his family for dinner.  It was great to celebrate a wonderful person who means so much to so many (especially me). I baked his favorite cake (chocolate with raspberry frosting, and I finally had the chance to make this cake topper (with adjustments!). This may be my favorite thing ever and the best part was he loved it too.


  1. After looking over the original tutorial I thought I would personalize it a little. I found a picture of Seth I thought would fit the body of the tightrope walker nicely.
  2. I followed this very easy how to on how to turn a photograph into a drawing using PS6.
  3. Still using PS6 I cut and pasted Seth’s decapitated cartoon head onto the tightrope walker.
  4. I followed the rest of Oh Happy Day’s tutorial, printed, watercolored, and cut out my Seth in bubbly shorts figurine.
  5. Laughed and laughed. I still laugh every time I look at it.




Inspired by a google search of embroidery art and my daughter’s current obsession with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I created this little dude for her room this past weekend. I take great pleasure introducing Foos to amazing women, usually through books or a google search. She took to RGB as if she were made of candy. If adding streaming video to wordpress didn’t cost money, I would post a video of the awesome song and dance Foos dedicated to RGB.  Though my embroidery skills really need improvement, this wasn’t difficult to do; It was a quick project, and in a weird way, fulfilling.  I used a photo found on the web, which was printed on photo paper for my base image (a post card would work so much better), and embroidery floss for the rest.  I think I am going to try my hand at doing more of these.  I’m thinking Bukowski wearing a flower crown telling you to go “fucking read,” ha! The possibilities are truly endless.