My favorite hidey hole at home is the kitchen.  Seriously. No one else goes in there, unless it’s to ask me for something, ha!  I have speakers on top of the fridge and I plug in my phone and listen to my podcasts while I cook, or rummage, or lament.  I have a rotation- Radiolab, This American Life, Reply All, Freakonomics, and the like. Though lately I have been mostly listening to Revolutions.  If you are a history nerd or like a really good story I strongly encourage you to give it a listen! You’ll love me forever if you do. If you find the scone I devoured right after those photos were taken delicious looking, it is this recipe from The Merchant Baker.  I always double the sugar and sub the fruit to whatever I have on hand, though the recipe is perfect as is.  Here’s hoping all of you have a similar space in your lives.





1. I’ve had another shitty week, but listening to my favorite country blues pepaw heals all wounds.  I love Mississippi John Hurt so so much. 2.  My favorite library boo, Erin, recommended this, and though I am very much a tarot novice, I am excited for it. Everything Erin recommends is gold, even that weird ass book of Miranda July short stories. 3.  Planning on looking at things I want but don’t need at the Vagabond Flea. RHUBARB! last week I noticed rhubarb was back at my Publix and baked that delicious pie you see there, which was arguably the best part of the whole week.  This weekend I want to bake this upside down rhubarb cake because it looks delicious and has decent reviews.

 Have a happy, bluesy, fat weekend everybody!



  1. Hopefully listening to Father John Misty will exorcise Beyonce from the brain, though nothing is better than hearing Seth walking around singing that he “twirls all his haters.” 2.  Reading old copies of WORN because I miss it 😦 3.  Stephanie gave us about a thousand oranges from her tree + Martha Stewart came up with ways to make them fattening and delicious = lots of baking!


Rosa Beach Dress

punkin muffins


This was a most excellent weekend.  We went to the beach, where I almost ruined a really nice dress, but the water was warm and Foos was having blast, which made it worth it.  We did our part to welcome fall (even though the temp was in the mid 80s) and salute basic bitches everywhere, by baking pumpkin muffins.  I felt a little like the patron saint of baked goods after offering these to my neighbors, a madonna of fat treats.  I suppose there are worse things to be.  A shot of Banjo is included, on a chair he isn’t allowed to sit in, because he is the best.

Photos: Seth



This is my super awesome vegetarian “Chicken” pot pie.  It’s this recipe, except I substitute the chicken with these “Chik’n Tenders,” and the broth with No Chicken Base.  The No Chicken Base is gold, and I use it on almost everything. I cook the Chik’n Tenders before I add them to my pie filling.

Full disclosure, the above photo is telling LIES.  Foos likes chicken pot pie in theory, and would probably eat the whole crust if you let her, but there are peas and corns and carrots, so ewww.  My kid really hates vegetables.

Photo: Seth



This is a big transitional week for us – we got a new puppy, foos starts school- but it started with a visit from a very familiar face.  April and I met in college (we lived on the same floor) and became fast friends.  She only attended for two semesters, but we’ve kept up with each other now for the better part of ten years.  We always check in, sometimes aggressively, sometimes not. Mostly via letters and drawings, random tokens of shared weirdness.  We’ve kept this correspondence up through moves, marriages, failed pregnancies, her deployment to Afghanistan, the birth of my daughter, my divorce.  In this way April has been there for me through every major occurrence in my adult life, even though we’ve only really seen each other a handful of times since college.  It was only fitting then that she would be present for these ones, too.  She left yesterday and I already miss her like a phantom limb.


an old cigar box I turned into a jewelry box by butchering my nudie books (sacrilege, i know!) and some mod podge, as a gift for April’s birthday.


I baked this carrot cake during the visit. It was the fattest most deliciously satisfying thing I’ve had in a while.  I will definitely be baking this one again.



Nice photos : Seth

Phone photos: not seth.



We met an Indian couple while hiking a trail at the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens. They were lovely; the wife was very pregnant with their second child, the first child was as dreamy as her mother, and the father was attentive and polite. Seth spent a month in India last year, and so he fell into easy conversation with them. After we took leave of each other, it was decided we would go to India’s Restaurant for lunch. Penny did not want to leave the arboretum; it was only after the promise of Indian doughnuts (Gulab Jabun) that she agreed to come with us and not throw a tantrum. Because the universe is chaos, India’s Restaurant did not have the doughnuts. A promise is a promise, and thats how we ended up at Sweet Theory Baking Co. after lunch.

Sweet Theory’s proximity to our home simultaneously made me rethink my atheism and made my bank account cry. The space is impeccable and so are the treats. It is a vegan bakery, All of their treats are dairy, soy, egg, and peanut free, made using organic ingredients, with a ton of gluten-free options. Their offerings change daily, and they make super yummy drinks and teas, too! The ladies who run the place are super friendly ( and ridiculously beautiful).  Should you ever find yourself in Jacksonville, it’s worth a visit!



Photos: Seth