stoop life.

Foos is feeling better, life is humming, our children are dreamboats.  I have recently reconnected with my maternal family, many miles, half-siblings, and borders away.  It has given me a lot to think about, and on the whole, made me happier/gloomier than usual.  But my life, my day to day, remains the same. There is a disconnect between the world in my head, and the world which I touch with my hands.  We have a wall of windows in the dining room, and every plant in that room, thrives, grows, multiplies.  I want to be that wall.






Foos had a minor medical procedure performed last week, so we’ve been home bound.  In the mean time, here are some dreamy shots Seth captured a few weeks ago of Olivia. #feelthefern.

Photos: Seth





Fun fact number one: I made this shirt.  It is the most comfortable linen sack ever, which means I may never take it off this summer.  Fun fact number two: National Park Week began yesterday!  From the 16th to the 24th you can get into any national park for free, so avail yourselves, my friends, of the natural wonders your tax dollars help protect and maintain.  We did just that today and paid a visit to the Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preservation.  It was a fun little hike with the kids and we were rewarded by a beautiful marsh and a lookout at the end (I’m under the lookout in the above photos).  It was windy, clear, and pretty damn near perfect. Next time we will definitely bring Banjo, too.  Hope you all had a great weekend!






Two weeks ago, my good friend Casey became engaged to her boyfriend Andres. Seth was hiding under the dock, in snake infested waters, to capture the moment because he is a creep.  Just kidding! he was there at Andres’ request. The whole thing was a secret/surprise, which the boys pulled off beautifully.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Casey four years ago.  After my husband left us, she took it upon herself to show me around this town, and encouraged me to be a person again.  She has the biggest heart and it feels good to see her so happy. I love her.

Photos: Seth



1. I’ve had another shitty week, but listening to my favorite country blues pepaw heals all wounds.  I love Mississippi John Hurt so so much. 2.  My favorite library boo, Erin, recommended this, and though I am very much a tarot novice, I am excited for it. Everything Erin recommends is gold, even that weird ass book of Miranda July short stories. 3.  Planning on looking at things I want but don’t need at the Vagabond Flea. RHUBARB! last week I noticed rhubarb was back at my Publix and baked that delicious pie you see there, which was arguably the best part of the whole week.  This weekend I want to bake this upside down rhubarb cake because it looks delicious and has decent reviews.

 Have a happy, bluesy, fat weekend everybody!