We launched a rocket.  Foos wanted it for her birthday, Seth did all of the work – the whole endeavor was filled with daddy-daughter magic.  But the magic, like most magic, was short lived. Immediately after the launch Foos was bitten by an angry ant, broke out in hives. She spent the rest of her evening reclined on our bed, crying, and fighting the urge to scratch.  At least we will always have this photo.






It has been quiet in this space, mostly because the opposite is true in our lives, but in a good way!  Seth went to Washington for two weeks, stayed at Camano Island in the Puget Sound. Foos is out of school for the summer, and we spent those two weeks sleeping in the same bed like we used to when she was a baby; reading aloud until we both fell asleep, the dog doing god-knows-what under our bed.  There were birthday parties planned and executed, a few projects sewn, things slowly checked off a mental to do list in preparation for job searching in the fall.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from Seth’s trip! Enjoy!



Hurricane Ridge




(he took this one for Foos)

Photos: Seth – www.karmathartic.com