Seth is currently booking  for the year!  He is a fantastic photographer who has been featured many times by LooksLikeFilm and Tribe Archipelago.  Seth shoots local as well as destination events.  Check out his website if you or anyone you know are in need of a photographer this year ❤




woodland nymph

woodland nymph2


Dreamy shots of local aerialists.  I’m about as graceful as a sloth, but they make this look so easy, I want to do it.  Happy Weekend!

Photos: super Seth.


This weekend we piled everyone in the car, including the dog, and drove south to Sarasota, to see Grandma, Pepaw, and the gulf.  Seth and I snuck away for a date to the Selby Botanical Gardens, which were excellent and merit a second visit. The kids spent most of the time at the pool, where any trace of Foos’ paternal wasp roots were overcome by a conspiracy between the sun and her mother’s caribbean melanin. I loved it.  We took a backwoods way back home, which made me nervous.  For reasons I cannot explain, I feel ill at ease in America’s open spaces.  The barns and depressed towns don’t conjure up any feeling of nostalgia or even beauty, only of  mild panic and fear. Seeing a Trump sign for the first time displayed proudly on somebody’s lawn, didn’t make it any better. It may as well have said “I hate gays, women, and people of color.”  But we made it back to our nest safely, and I’m sure the only memories which will remain of the visit are of family and love.



Photos: Seth



Recently, Seth received permission to take photographs inside the Laura Street Trio in downtown Jacksonville.  The trio consists of the Old Florida National Bank, the Bisbee Building, and the Florida Life Building.  All three were built after the Great Fire of 1901, and are an architecturally significant part of downtown.  The trio have been in varying degrees of decay and disrepair for many years, but after changing hands several times, plans to restore the buildings are finally underway.  I think the buildings are beautiful this way, but I readily admit I’m one of those people who romanticizes old things (especially old things I’m not responsible for). The shoot was a collaboration with Tiffany Fish, a very talented local professional dancer.  The photos do a beautiful job of capturing the architectural details of the buildings; the floor to ceiling windows, marble floors, and golden elevators. Tiffany’s airy presence is a great foil to the empty darkness and decay surrounding her in the photos.  I can’t say enough about this set!