Looking my age.

Recently I was walking with a friend and a woman stopped us to ask where I had gotten the skirt I was wearing. I was almost embarrassed as I replied “twelve years ago at a goodwill in Atlanta, Georgia.”  The woman seemed disappointed, and my friend seemed a little surprised.   When I really thought about it the same was true for most of the stuff in my closet. Most of my things were purchased eons ago, when I was in college.  I  don’t shop for myself anymore, mostly because I don’t have extra money for clothes.  When I do have a little extra cash, I spend those pennies on my spawn instead (as it should be).  I went home, complained about it a little to my partner, looked in my closet, realized I didn’t wear most of the stuff in there anyway, and purged.  It felt really good.  I swear the universe has ears, because the day after I purged, I was given some super awesome clothes, from not one, or two, but three different friends. This includes the skirt I am wearing in this photo, a new vintage fave that reminds me so much of Alexander Girard’s art. Long live friends!

Photo: Seth

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