Though in this photo I am reading Ham On Rye, what I’m currently reading for the second time is Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the Unites States, because, why not?  I have two copies as a result of the book merger which occurred when my ex-husband and I originally moved in together; moving in with Seth yielded a third.  I am okay with this. Somewhere I have a list of newish fiction I would like to read, but I can’t find it. While I find this annoying, it has given me the opportunity to revisit some stuff on our bookshelves.  To be sure, there is a lot on there I haven’t read. Tomes plundered during the split with said ex-husband I have no interest in and should probably donate (I’m looking at you, Camille Paglia).  Revisiting books you love is just nice.  I always look forward to reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell for the umpteenth time in the fall, and there is always the sporadic rereading of the Harry Potter series (don’t judge).  Some books remind me so much of a particular time in my life that just thinking about reading them again gives me anxiety.  As if a wormhole to some place that can no longer be exists in there and I will get sucked in.  I’m going to have to get over that.

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