1. Star Wars: The Story Of Darth Vader by Catherine Saunders 2. Batman: Fowl Play By John Sazaklis 3. Lego Star Wars: A New Hope by Emma Grange 4. Lego Star Wars: The Phantom Menace by Hannah Dolan 5. Star Wars: I Want To Be A Jedi by Simon Beecroft

This week’s Library Haul is brought to you by Foos’ current obsession with Star Wars, comic book heroes, and villains in general.

The Story Of Darth Vader outlines the story of the beloved villain.  It chronicles his change from the talented but rule breaking Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, to the feared Sith Lord Darth Vader.  These books use images from the Star Wars movies, which Foos didn’t enjoy as much as the lego scenes because she is four. The DK Readers series is great because they often include a glossary and an index. Because of these books Foos is learning how to use both of those tools, which is a bonus I did not foresee when we checked these gems out.  This is a level 3, which is longer, with a more detailed and complicated story arc than a level 1 or 2, but Foos who reads at 2nd/3rd grade level could do it.

Batman: Fowl Play revolves around Penguin’s scheme to hypnotize Gotham’s birds and get them to steal valuables for him.  Predictably Batman foils his plan.  As an adult, it was hard not to laugh out loud while reading all of the cheesy super hero puns used in this book (including the title), but Foos really enjoyed it.

Foos loves Lego’s. She loves building with them, crying in the lego aisle at target for me to buy them (fucking expensive), and leaving them all over her floor.  I was not surprised the Lego DK readers were her favorite of the bunch. A New Hope chronicles the rebel’s plan to destroy the Galactic Empire’s Death Star weapon. It also introduces young readers to the rebels, including Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. The Phantom Menace chronicles the discovery of Anakin Skywalker by Qui-Gon Jinn, the invasion of Naboo, and introduces the reader to the Sith and Queen Amidala. These books also include a photo glossary and an index.

I Want To Be Jedi is a guide to becoming a Jedi, which includes the training requirements, Jedi equipment, and how to use a lightsaber, etc. It also recounts the story of Anakin Skywalker. Though no lady Jedi’s were shown, the author of this book took great care to emphasize that boys AND girls can become Jedi’s, which, as the mother of a super awesome girl, I appreciated.  This was a level 3 reader like The Story Of Darth Vader.  Immediately after reading this, Foos asked for a lightsaber.  Good job marketing people, good job.


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