This is a big transitional week for us – we got a new puppy, foos starts school- but it started with a visit from a very familiar face.  April and I met in college (we lived on the same floor) and became fast friends.  She only attended for two semesters, but we’ve kept up with each other now for the better part of ten years.  We always check in, sometimes aggressively, sometimes not. Mostly via letters and drawings, random tokens of shared weirdness.  We’ve kept this correspondence up through moves, marriages, failed pregnancies, her deployment to Afghanistan, the birth of my daughter, my divorce.  In this way April has been there for me through every major occurrence in my adult life, even though we’ve only really seen each other a handful of times since college.  It was only fitting then that she would be present for these ones, too.  She left yesterday and I already miss her like a phantom limb.


an old cigar box I turned into a jewelry box by butchering my nudie books (sacrilege, i know!) and some mod podge, as a gift for April’s birthday.


I baked this carrot cake during the visit. It was the fattest most deliciously satisfying thing I’ve had in a while.  I will definitely be baking this one again.



Nice photos : Seth

Phone photos: not seth.


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