One of the few things Foos asked to get for her birthday was a plant for her room.  This was easy, this I could grant a thousand times over. I wanted a plant I was sure could survive the harsh conditions of a toddler room, and a friend suggested mother in law’s tongue (sansevieria) because it does well with scant water/no attention.  Once that was figured out, I started sniffing around pinterest for toddler friendly planters, and came upon this tutorial for a super cute cat planter.  The tutorial called for spray painting half a soda bottle. I was worried the paint would bubble or scrape off the bottle once wet. I have no idea if this concern was based on fact, but it motivated me to go about creating a version of her kitty planter that would accommodate my parental paranoia.


1.  The original tutorial uses a soda bottle, which is cuter because soda bottles mimic little kitty legs much better than lemonade ones.  For my purposes the lemonade one worked great, was easier to come by (we don’t really care for soda), and was bigger.  I just followed her initial instructions on cutting the bottle in a kitty shape.

2. Instead of spray paint, I used felt.  My planter was not going to have drainage holes, instead it was going to hold a planter with drainage holes in it. It wasn’t going to get wet, but even if it did get wet or gross, it’s machine washable, so I win either way.  I used two sheets of  8×11 white felt for the kitty head, and one sheet of pink felt for the ears and nose.  I used the original tutorial’s template for the kitty face, and a very basic embroidery split stitch (I suck at embroidery) to bring out the features.  I sewed on the pink triangles for the ears and nose using my sewing machine.

3. I cut the white pieces of felt to match in size and shape to the sides of the kitty shaped lemonade bottle. I then sewed them together using my sewing machine.  I embroidered the face sheet before I sewed it on to the side/bottom sheets.

4. I inserted the lemonade bottle into the kitty felt sleeve, and ta dah! kitty planter sans spray paint or sharpie.

This was super easy! I want to try my hand at making her all sorts of animal planters, maybe a fox, or a mouse.  Thank you Pinterest, for letting me ruin the ingenuity of others.


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