This Memorial Day weekend we went to the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville with the kids.  We went to see what was billed as the most complete/largest/omg! remains of a t-rex ever found.  Sue, what they named the t-rex even though no one is sure its sex, seemed a lot smaller to me than I imagined.  I’ve experienced so many versions of dinosaurs in pop culture, I had given into the vision of the beast about the size of the Empire State Building.  Another thing that took the luster off Sue was we weren’t in the presence of the actual carbon remains of the dinosaur –what we were looking at was a plaster cast (Wikipedia tells me the real Sue is in Chicago forever).  The kids really enjoyed it, which is what matters, and the rest of the museum was excellent and free.

We also went to Madison Blue Springs.  We were there early enough to have the spring to ourselves for a few hours before the Memorial Day hordes arrived.  When they did arrive, I indulged in a good amount of people watching (which I love), and some silent judging as I watched moms chain smoke by the shore around their kids and mine.  All of this instead of reading the book I held in my hands. There was a butterfly under the branch next to me that didn’t move for a long time.  The branch reeked of urine.  I sat there, marinating in the smell of urine. I looked at the women smoking, and at the hole in the branch someone had been using as an ashtray; at the plastic bottle someone had hung from one of the branches like a christmas decoration.  All of this in the paradise before me, and I hated humanity, just a little.  That feeling was strange for me because I don’t usually feel that way.

Life is weird always.




photos: Seth

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