1.Gobble You Up! by Gita Wolf 2. Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken by Sarah Dillard 3. I Live In Tokyo by Mari Takabayashi 4. Extraordinary Warren: Saves the Day by Sarah Dillard 5. The Very Hungry Lion by Gita Wolf

We are serious about books. I’m going to turn into a momma peacock for a second here- Foos has been reading since she was two years old and currently reads at a second/third grade level.  She is three years old.  Our local libraries are a big part of our lives and our weekly routine. We go to the library about once a week for a couple of free classes and to get our books for the week.  JPL’s main branch has the most beautiful and expansive children’s library I have ever seen.  I want to throw all my tax dollars at it, sleep in it, probably be buried in it.   The staff are wonderful and we count quite a few of them as friends.

We almost never go in there with a plan, but this week we kinda sorta had one!  Foos has been super interested in India.  Recently, we had to buy her a sari to try to get her to stop crying after we told her that no, it wouldn’t be possible to go to india tomorrow, and no, we didn’t have the money to do it any time soon.  She also likes to pretend she’s a Japanese woman in her pretend play, which is a little weird, but Im not going to question it. This is why we picked up Gobble You Up!, The Very Hungry Lion, and I live in Tokyo from the cultural tales section of the children’s library.   Gobble You Up! and The Very Hungry Lion, adaptations by Gita wolf,  are easily two of the most beautiful books I have ever seen.  I Live In Tokyo follows the life of a Japanese girl, Mimiko, and her family for a year.  Her life, like all of ours, is a mixture of the traditional and modern.  Her opinions are honest, and the accompanying illustrations are lovely.  We enjoyed these books so much, I will probably buy them for Foos.

The Extraordinary Warren books, which Foos grabbed from the display near the front desk as we were on our way out, were an excellent impulse.  These books, follow Warren, a chicken who wants to be more than just a chicken. The books are made up of short chapters, with comic book style illustrations that were easy to read and follow.  They were fun (and funny) to read.




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