We met an Indian couple while hiking a trail at the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens. They were lovely; the wife was very pregnant with their second child, the first child was as dreamy as her mother, and the father was attentive and polite. Seth spent a month in India last year, and so he fell into easy conversation with them. After we took leave of each other, it was decided we would go to India’s Restaurant for lunch. Penny did not want to leave the arboretum; it was only after the promise of Indian doughnuts (Gulab Jabun) that she agreed to come with us and not throw a tantrum. Because the universe is chaos, India’s Restaurant did not have the doughnuts. A promise is a promise, and thats how we ended up at Sweet Theory Baking Co. after lunch.

Sweet Theory’s proximity to our home simultaneously made me rethink my atheism and made my bank account cry. The space is impeccable and so are the treats. It is a vegan bakery, All of their treats are dairy, soy, egg, and peanut free, made using organic ingredients, with a ton of gluten-free options. Their offerings change daily, and they make super yummy drinks and teas, too! The ladies who run the place are super friendly ( and ridiculously beautiful).  Should you ever find yourself in Jacksonville, it’s worth a visit!



Photos: Seth

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